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While cinnamon has long found its place in kitchens across the world, KNB now presents Cinnamon Essential Oil, which will not only heal you, but also rejuvenate you. Let the sweet aroma of our Cinnamon Essential Oil take all your stress and pains away! 

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From being a skin astringent to having antibacterial properties, from helping remove infections that ail the body to healing wounds that have become almost septic, there is so much that KNB’s Cinnamon Essential Oil can do for you. Having a bottle of our pure oil means that you can bid farewell to a range of problems that are usually normal in a household – from intestinal worms to expelling gas, from improving digestion to regulating the menstrual cycle!

There is a reason why cinnamon is used in food, because when it is ingested, it is able to heal a lot of ailments from within. Having understood this, we did an immense amount of research and created our Cinnamon Essential Oil, which works wonders from outside the body. In addition to healing the body, our oil can also be used to purify the air that we breathe inside our homes and keep mosquitos and insects away, making the home a safer place.


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  • Cinnamon Essential Oil



These are just some of the benefits of that you will get to reap when you bring home a bottle of KNB’s Cinnamon Essential Oil: 

  • You will have an antibacterial oil that works on a range of problems, including as an antiseptic, but you do need to dilute it with a base oil, like coconut oil or olive oil first
  • You will have an astringent that will tighten your skin – add a few drops to your regular moisturiser or toner and use on a regular basis
  • Keep a small bowl filled with water and a generous amount of the oil in the corners of the room – not only will you have a natural room freshener, but also bid bye to insects and mosquitos

Regular inhalation of our Cinnamon Essential Oil can ensure that your lungs breathe easier and you can also keep your sugar levels under control