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With the rising number of diabetics around the world, finding a natural solution to keep the body fit is always on everyone’s minds. At KNB, we have managed to come with one such solution in the form of our DIBIT Powder! 

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When an illness takes over the body, symptoms start to show and when medication is taken to treat that illness, the body starts to recover. In the recent past, a growing number of people took to allopathy to cure most of their illness, but in order to enjoy long term relief and to exercise proper control, Ayurveda has often proved more effective. With ingredients such as neem, amla and Jamun, controlling your blood sugar levels can be a lot easier, but imagine a combination of all these ingredients!


The house of KNB brings to your Dibit Powder – a rare and extremely potent combination of natural herbs and ingredients, which will not only keep your blood sugar levels under control, but also allow your body to become healthier from within. With ingredients such as jamun beej, madhunashini, karela, vijaysar, amla, kutki, neem, brahmi, haldi and Giloy, you can be sure that your body will be fitter than ever before and your diabetes too will be well under control! 


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  • Jasmine Essential Oil



When you start using KNB’s Jasmine Essential Oil, these are some of the benefits you will receive: 

  • Each night, you will get to enjoy a good night’s sleep
  • From stretch marks to acne marks, our oil can help reduce all scars
  • If you are struggling with congestion, a stuffy nose or even snoring, a few drops of our oil will come to the rescue
  • A quick massage after a stressful or tiring day, will ensure that you feel relaxed
  • Menstrual pains can become a lot more bearable, if our Jasmine Essential Oil is used