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Invite KNB’s Giloy Capsules into your life and invite good health! Not only will you enjoy a stronger body, but also skin and hair that you will fall in love with!

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Whether you are looking for the simplest way to improve the immunity of your body or you are looking for a method by which you will have better digestion, KNB’s Giloy Capsules are the best choice for you. For centuries, Giloy has been used to treat chronic fevers and reduce the symptoms of severe fevers such dengue and chikungunya. Should you decide to make our Giloy Capsules a part of your regular routine, you can be assured of clean blood, because the Giloy will purify your blood and remove all toxins from it. This is one of the reasons why our capsules can also fight liver and urinary tract related problems.


Regular consumption of the prescribed dosage of our Giloy Capsules can ensure you better digestion and can even help keep your sugar levels under control. Our capsules can reduce your respiratory problems, especially common problems such as colds and coughs. As a matter of fact, it can also reduce the symptoms of asthma.


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  • Dried Amla



KNB’s Amla Candy can ensure the following benefits for you, particularly when consumed regularly:


  • Better immunity, especially during seasonal changes
  • Protection from cold and cough
  • Healthier hair and longer retention of the natural hair colour
  • Improved skin tone and prevention of acne
  • Control of blood sugar, particularly for diabetic patients

Helps regulate bowel movements and improves digestion