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Who would have known that a plant that grew in the wild all over South East Asia would actually have such magical properties! Presenting, KNB’s Lemongrass Essential Oil, which can cure illness that plague your body or soothe your mind, when it’s at its most contorted.

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For centuries, lemongrass has been used in cooking, all over South East Asia, because not only does it lend a distinct flavour to the food, it also has medicinal properties. Now, KNB brings to you the pure extract of lemongrass in the form of Lemongrass Essential Oil. While you might not be able to use this oil in your cooking, you can most certainly use it for a range of other purposes. Our pure oil can be used as a disinfectant as well as a deodorant – you can choose whether you want to use it on your body or all around your home, or even both!


Our Lemongrass Essential Oil can help reduce high fever in a matter of minutes and even if you have a regular cold, you can use this oil to steam your congestion and blocked nose away. This is also a great antidote for those who tend to have sleepless nights. If you want relief from a day filled with stress, a headache or even pains in your body, all you have to do is use a little Lemongrass Essential Oil from the house of KNB and you can be assured of feeling relaxed and comfortable. 


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  • Origanum Essential Oil



This is how you will benefit from KNB’s Origanum Essential Oil:

  • Use with your regular diffuser or combine a few drops with water and spray around the room.
  • Combine a few drops of the oil with virgin coconut oil to create a hand sanitiser as well as moisturiser.
  • Add a few drops to your basic salve and apply on the body of your children, to keep them protected outdoors.
  • Steam with hot water that has been infused with our Origanum Essential Oil to relieve yourself during a bout of cold, cough or fever.
  • If you have chronic dandruff, add a few drops of the oil to coconut oil and use it to massage your scalp. Alternately, you could also add a few drops to your bottle of shampoo.

Add some drops of the Origanum Essential Oil to your surface cleaner and have a wonderful smelling disinfectant.