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Triphala Juice

Without a healthy stomach, the chances of you being healthy are minimal, which is why you need to bring into your life, KNB’s Triphala Juice, which will ensure your health from within.

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Triphala Juice

Triphala means three fruits and the three fruits in KNB’s Triphala Juice are amla, haritaki and vibhitaki. Each of them is sourced from the finest producers and we ensure that each of them is grown organically. The formulation is such that precise amounts of each ingredient are mixed with care and this is ensures that you get maximum benefit. Ancient Ayurveda has supported the use of Triphala in any form, since long, because not only does it improved the body’s metabolism and digestive rates, it is also known to improve the immune system and rid the body of any toxins.


Regular consumption of our Triphala Juice can help with imbalances in the doshas of the body, allowing it to function properly. From the reproductive system to the immune system, from the bones and joints to the hair, there is little in the human body that is not touched with the effects of our juice, which is why we suggest that you include it in your daily life.



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If you are diabetic, then you need to include KNB’s Dibit Powder in your life immediately: 

  • The combination of natural ingredients will bring down your sugar levels naturally too
  • Because the ingredients are all natural, there are minimal chances of any side effects
  • Along with controlling your blood sugar levels, Dibit Powder can also help with the general wellbeing of the body

Regular usage can ensure complete control over diabetes